The XXVIII IUSSP International Population Conference

IPSR Faculty members attended the XXVIII IUSSP International Population Conference at Cape Town International Convention Center, Cape Town, South Africa. Research paper presentations by IPSR members are listed as follows. 
Oral presentation:
  • "Changes Healthy Life Expectancy among the Older Thais : The Study on Self-care Disability during 2002 to 2014 " by Professor Patama Vapattanawong
  • "Early Childbearing and Its Impact among Teenage Mothers : A Case Study of Thailand’s Urban, Semi-Urban, and Rural Provinces" by Reena Tadee. 
Poster presentation: 
  • "Are Children left behind by migrant parents at higher risk of domestic violence?" by Associate Professor Aree Jampaklay. 
  • "Integrating GIS and PSA into Delineating Flood Hazard Areas and Elderly Households at the Community Level" by Teeranong Sakulsri. 
  • "Preparedness for Old-Age Income Security of the pre-elderly in Thailand, Year 2007 and 2014" by Assistant Professor Chalermpol Chamchan. 
  • "Verification of the Reported Age of Centenarians in Thailand" by Assistant Professor Sutthida Chuanwan. 
  • "Young Adults in a Conflict setting : Migration Formation" by Associate Professor Aree Jampaklay.