Transnational Migration between Thailand and Europe (EURA-NET)

Transnational Migration between Thailand and Europe (EURA-NET)


This seminar will present the result from qualitative data collection of EURA-NET project. This project investigates people’s temporary transnational migration between Asia and Europe. Thai team (IPSR, Mahidol University) had finished collecting data from Thai people who have experiences of moving to European countries and their family members, and European people who are currently living in Thailand. The project aims to examine migration processes and patterns. Moreover, it examines political, economic, social and cultural aspects of migration between Thailand and Europe.

We have conducted semi-structured interviews with 41 Thai respondents (those who have experience moving to European countries and their family members and 33 European respondents who are currently residing in Thailand. We have found that expectations and experiences of Thais compared to Europeans vary in terms of political, social, economic and cultural aspects. It is interesting to see different motivations and expectations of migration which varies between groups of respondents. We also found various challenges and problems regarding migration processes, social integration, unfulfilled expectations, economic issues and others. These challenges will lead to more investigations and policy recommendations to policy-makers.

Moderator: Dr.Piyawat Katewongsa

December 9, 2015 Time: 12:30 – 13:30 hrs. Room 109 (Srabua)