Pro Environmental Behavior [PEB] among various demographic composition of Bhutanese Population

Seminar No. 1187
19 September 2022 Time: 13:00 – 14:00 hrs.

Pema Yangchen Dazer


It is not only the size of population that impacts the environment, but also the pattern of population distribution, composition and significantly the trend in human consumption and conduct (Dover & Butler, 2015). This draws our attention to the consumption pattern of a given population and the significance of environmentally friendly conducts- the Pro Environmental Behaviors [PEB]. In order to study the engagement of PEB across various socio-demographic compositions of Bhutanese population, an online survey was conducted where 1348 respondents of different age, gender and residential groups (urban and rural) participated. The result indicated that, silent generation of Bhutanese population participated in PEBs less as compared to gen z. Gender was found to have no significant association in determining PEB among Bhutanese population. However, rural residents were found to have participated more in “growing of personal garden” while urban residents participated more in “recycling” and “water conservation” behaviors. Qualification of the respondents was found to have a significant and a positive association with PEBs. Heavy plastic usages, lack of garden space in urban residence, low awareness of specific environmental acts; and lack of availability of environmentally friendly product choices and accessibility to services were found to be some of the common challenges. The study questions the effectiveness of plastic ban law imposed in Bhutan; and recommends introducing alternative choices to plastic packaging/wrappers/containers. The study recommends initiating senior environmental campaigns and engagement programs to encourage participation of PEBs among elderlies in Bhutan; promoting awareness on specific environmental acts and laws; improving accessibility to waste management services and facilities in rural Bhutan; and the city municipals in Bhutan to consider a garden space or rooftop greenhouse options for the tenants

Moderator: Sirinya Kaikeaw

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