Marriage in Kanchanaburi Province: Who delays, who doesn’t?

Marriage in Kanchanaburi Province: Who delays, who doesn’t?


One worldwide recent trend in marriage is that people extend the time of being single or delay marriage and get married at some later ages than in the past, some extend until they eventually being single permanently (celibacy).The Singulate Mean Age at Marriage (SMAM) or average years that married people had spent single before marriage of Thai population had risen from 24.7 years for male and 22 years for female in 1970 to be 27.3 and 24 for male and female in 2000.

Proportion single of both Thai male and female has also been increasing in every age group, especially at age 30-34 years and older.  In 1960, 25.2 percent of Thai male aged 25-29 was never married.  But in 2000 the proportion had almost doubled to 43.9 percent.  It was also twofold in female (14.1 percent compared to 28.7 percent).

The main question of interest is who delays marriage and who doesn’t?  What are the differences among these people?  Thus, this study aims to explore the proportion and characteristics of people who delays marriage and how these characteristics differ from those who does not delay marriage.  It also aims to investigate factors affecting delayed marriage of Kanchanaburi population aged between 18-59 years old, both male and female, all those who delays marriage and who does not, using the NSFH data (National Survey of Family and Household, conducted in 2010 by IPSR). The logistic regression was employed, and in this progress report, interesting findings will be shown.

Moderator:  Dr. Lylla Winzer

November 18, 2015 Time: 12:30 – 13:30 hrs. Room Srabua 109