Migrants’ Daily Stressors and Parenting Behavior: The Mediating Role of Family Cohesions

Seminar no. 1218
7 June 2023 Time 12.30 – 13.30 hrs.

Speaker: Khaing Zar Lwin

Migration-related stress has been shown to be related with family and marital conflict; this reduces family cohesion and support as well. Caregivers have many kind of stress such as economic difficulties, relationship issue, work-home balance and the constant monitoring of health situation of the family. Those kind of life daily stressors are different among caregivers who are migrants. Migrant caregivers normally face not only the challenges on the cultural differences between destination and host countries but also they play a special role for their children in adapting to a new culture. Parenting is a lifelong commitment; long-term patience and it is a difficult task that requires care and effort. Parenting is important as it determines the outcomes of child, which are closely linked to the quality of citizenship. Recent research with migrant and displaced families living on the Thailand-Myanmar border suggests that these stressors have detrimental impacts on children’s safety and well-being. This study aims to explore the association of current experience of daily stressors on parenting behavior of migrant caregivers through family cohesion. This study will apply mixed method approach. The sample will be derived from the formative qualitative data and baseline quantitative data set of “Parenting on the Border” research project. Data analysis will be conducted by applying NVIVO and STATA program. Structure Equation Modeling (SEM) approach to mediation analysis will be applied for this study. The findings from this study will contribute to migration and implementation of policies and programs that support working migrant parents/caregivers to fulfill the responsibilities.

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