Refugee flows to Europe: Integration, Challenges, and Settlement of Afghan Refugees in Germany

Seminar no. 1215
18 May 2023 Time 12.30 – 13.30 hrs.

Speaker: Mohammud Jawad Shahab

Migration flows to Europe mainly began after World War ІІ and therefore millions of refugees and labor migrants are settled in all European Union (EU) member-states. EU countries are the main destination for Afghan refugees, the largest group in Europe after Syrians. Germany is hosting the largest number of Afghan citizens among EU countries. Afghan refugees have to cross several borders to reach Europe and they experience different challenges and migration outcomes both in transition and the destination countries. Reaching the destination is not the end of refugee journey but their socioeconomic integration is another key issue which depends on many factors including the state’s migration related policies and integration programs. Aiming to explore and describe Afghan refugees’ journey and experience in both transition time and settlement in Germany, basically their socioeconomic integration, this study will apply a qualitative research methodology. With respect to gender, relevant information will be gathered from a sample of 20-30 individuals in a purposive method from two main groups, Afghans with refugee’s background and organizations involved in integration-related policies and application in Germany. Obtained data will be analyzed through qualitative methods to explain Afghan refugees experience in transition countries and integration in Germany. Findings from this study will contribute to migration policy initiative and implementation.

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