International Conference on Family Planning 2022 (ICFP)

Lecturer. Dr. Truc Ngoc Hoang Dang presented the poster for the research “A Comparative Study Of Outlet’s Characteristics, Provider’s Characteristics And Family Planning Consumers In Nigeria, Uganda And Kenya” at the International Conference on Family Planning 2022 (ICFP) from 14-17 Nov 2022.

This study was carried out within the research project “the Consumer’s Market for Family Planning (CM4FP)” conducted by Population International Services (PSI) in collaboration with the Global Evaluation and Monitoring Network for Health (GEM-Net Health).

The International Conference on Family Planning 2022 (ICFP) is a platform, a movement, and a community of Family Planning advocates, researchers, community leaders, and young people – all united by the belief that everyone deserves access to family planning services and products, no matter what. ICFP2022 brings the family planning and reproductive health community together to strengthen our collective movement to achieve universal access to family planning by 2030 as an essential element of Universal Health Coverage.

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