Guidelines for Affiliation

Guidelines for Affiliation

Guidelines for Affiliation with the Institute for Population and Social Research, Mahidol University

Visiting positions are for active researchers internationally, to work on an important piece of population research in the social sciences or humanities. Affiliated researchers should contact an IPSR faculty for non-financial sponsorship.

Applicants should apply for an affiliation position undergoing a specific research project working alone or with members of IPSR (faculty, researchers, or students). Apart from the quality of the research proposal, the applicant’s track record and supporting references, positions will be awarded on the basis of the relationship of their research topic to the identified priorities and themes of IPSR’s Research Clusters as listed.

The Institute’s major areas of expertise are:

  1. Society, Population and Family Changes
  2. Population Ageing
  3. Sexuality, Gender, Reproductive Health, HIV/AIDS
  4. Population, Environment and Health
  5. Migration, Urbanization and Labour
  6. Research Methodology

For more information about each area, please CLICK.

Applicants need to indicate the particular Research Cluster(s) to which they are applying for affiliation. In cases where there may be overlapping research interests, applicants may nominate up to a maximum of two (2) clusters.

Candidates are required to deliver 2 in levels of engagements including: research seminar(s), guest lecture in a course, contribute to cluster activities through writing a short article in the Prachakorn newsletter, as well as to acknowledge IPSR, Mahidol University in any publications arising from work undertaken while at the Institute.


Interested scholars are invited to email their applications to the Deputy Director for International Relations, Collaboration and Networking ( and cc: the IPSR faculty sponsor, consisting of:

  1. A completed application form (please click here to download the application form). Please ensure to complete all sections of the form and submit it to us in MS Word or equivalent editable format. If a section is not applicable to your application, please state ‘NA’.
  2. Curriculum Vitae with list of two references.
  3. For graduate students and faculty affiliation applicants, please submit a synopsis of the proposed research project (min of 2 pages maximum of 5 single-spaced pages). Please list proposed future publications and theses that are related to the benefits of affiliation.
  4. For graduate and undergraduate students, it is primarily your responsibility to ensure that two active references that are prepared to discuss the relevancy of your affiliation. Please be sure to provide email and phone contacts.
  5. IPSR Referee’s letter must be able to confirm your name, position and the cluster(s) that you have applied for affiliation.
  6. Closing date for applications for affiliation are year round. You may wish to check with your referees that they are prepared to discuss your research.


  1. Please note that only fully completed applications will be considered (including submission of the two reference contacts that are available via email and phone contact).
  2. Please keep your email and attachments below 5MB by zipping any large files. Files larger than 5MB may be rejected by our email system.
  3. We strongly encourage you to apply well before the visa application process by at least six months.
  4. Submissions of applications, reference contacts and/or queries are to be sent via email to the current Deputy Director for International Relations, Collaboration and Networking.
  5. We regret that only successful affiliations will be notified (via email). Candidates who do not hear from the University within 3 months after the submission date may follow up via email to the Deputy Director for International Relations, Collaboration and Networking.
  6. Any offer of affiliation is conditional on approval by the Director of the Institute for Population and Social Research and immigration granting you the appropriate research permit from National Research Council of Thailand and immigration visa.

Visiting Research Affiliation

You will work with a specific Research Cluster and take the lead in one task such as:  organizing one workshop, conference, 1 course related seminar, group publication project, application for grant funding with other faculty at IPSR, and/or carrying out new projects with students and junior faculty at IPSR. If you are an undergraduate intern, please contact your IPSR faculty mentor for your responsibilities. Upon arrival at IPSR, you will be expected to give one In-House Seminar discussing your research. This is designed to introduce you to our community.

During your affiliation, you are also required to acknowledge IPSR, Mahidol University in all your publications resulting from the period you are at the Institute. In addition, after your affiliation time, any publication, must clearly jointly credit IPSR Mahidol University in author affiliation.


  1. Applicants must have a PhD, MA, JD from a reputable university, and an established work record, preferably in the English or Thai language (except undergraduate and graduate students).
  2. Only candidates with more than 10 years of research experience after their PhD may apply for a Senior Researcher affiliation position. Evidence of the ability to initiate and lead collaborative projects, including through applications for external funding is preferred. Mid-career researchers are Assistant and Associate level faculty or NGO/CBO staff with 7 years experience. Junior affiliated researchers include Lecturers, undergraduate and graduate students, professional researchers, and NGO/CBO staff with less than 3 years work experience.
  3. Senior and Mid-level Research affiliates are expected to have built up a strong publication track record commensurate with the period of time post-PhD or MA and taking into account the field/area concerned. Clear plans for further publication in field-leading outlets during the proposed time at IPSR Mahidol University is preferred.


  1. There is no affiliation remuneration package.
  2. The affiliation will be tenable for a maximum period of twelve months in the first instance, with the possibility of extension.
  3. Applications for affiliation are invited for commencement year-round.
  4. Researcher affiliate time is spent at the Institute to maximize the opportunities for interaction. Residency at IPSR is expected for 50% of the affiliation time, unless requested otherwise.
  5. Affiliates may request office space with computer and internet access, subject to availability. Printing is based on a pay for print system, using a copy code.
  6. Research affiliates staying at least six months may apply for formal library access. However, shorter periods will not be provided with such access and other library access should be requested.
  7. All research staff, affiliates, and faculty at IPSR are welcomed expected to participate actively in the life of the Institute, including attendance at seminars, conferences and IPSR social events.
  8. Other benefits that the University provides and information about working at Mahidol University and living in Salaya, Thailand are available at

Terms and conditions, according to university guidelines, are subject to change without prior notice.