Complaint Review Committee

Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. The committee is responsible for establishing a system to receive and appropriately address opinions, suggestions, and complaints from personnel within the institution.
  2. The committee is responsible for moderating opinions and suggestions, including fair and accurate complaints.
  3. The committee is responsible for providing progress updates on the resolution of proposed problems to the complainant.
  4. The committee is responsible for reporting their operation to the institute’s executives for acknowledgment.


  1. The committee is obligated to keep all matters of opinions and complaints confidential within the committee and should not disclose them to other people.
  2. The committee must provide necessary information to the person submitting the hearing and complaint, such as the progress of the complaint and problem-solving.
  3. The committee must not express personal opinions to complainants.
  4. Information about the decision of public hearings and complaints must be made as a resolution of the Board of Directors and informed at the meeting or make a written notification to the complainant or complaint directly.


When the committee receives comments or complaints, the following procedures will be followed for handling them.

• The original documentation of all opinions and complaints will be returned to the complainant, and a copy will be kept as evidence. The documentation will be put in a sealed document envelope, signed by the chairman of the hearing and complaint committee, paired with one director, and kept in a file cabinet in the office of the secretary.

• In the case of suggestions to the management team or individual executives, the committee will send the matter directly to the management team or individual.

• Once completed, the committee will summarize the opinions and complaints to the Institute Committee.


Assistant Professor Dr. Pojjana HunchangsithChairman
Associate Professor Dr. Kanchana TangchonlatipCommittee
Ms. Kamolchanok KhamsuwanCommittee
Ms. Piyapat PiamsawasCommittee
Ms. Auemduen KaewsawangCommittee and Secretary

Complaint Channel:

Please fill out the form for submitting comments, suggestions, and complaints here.