Contemplative Education Center, Mahidol University’s Study Visit to R2R: Routine to Research.

Mr. Pasakorn Boonkhum, Policy and Planning Analyst (Specialist) in Strategy and Risk Management at the Committee for Development of Routine to Research Administration (R2R: Routine to Research), Institute for Population and Social Research, Mahidol University, warmly welcomed faculty members and support personnel from the Contemplative Education Center, Mahidol University.

The purpose of the gathering was to delve into R2R: Routine to Research, providing an opportunity for individuals to grasp the process of transforming routine work into research. This knowledge is intended for enhancing applications for higher positions and acquiring essential information from the field related to R2R work. The session, held in Room 102, Phayathai 2514 (VIP) at the Institute for Population and Social Research, saw the active participation of Ms. Natthanit Srimaserm, Policy and Planning Analyst (Specialist) and Acting Assistant Director of Human Resources at the Institute of Molecular Biosciences, Mahidol University. Her insights and information were invaluable for the attendees.

For a visual recap of the event, please visit the following link: