The 2021 National Population Online Conference

Thai Population Association with Institute for Population and Social Research, Mahidol University, organized The 2021 National Population Online Conference via WebEx with the honor of Prof. Dr. Patama Vapattanawong as the president of the Thai Population Association gave the opening remarks.
A total of 22 articles were presented by young researchers and 120 attendees as follows:
  1. State Apparatuses of Citizenship Education: A Case Studies of Commonwealth of Australia, Republic of Singapore, Japan, England, and United States of America
  2. A Study of Housing for the Elderly (Senior Complex) to Support the Aging Society: Analyzed by the Policy Framework
  3. Active Ageing and Gender Differences in Elderly Employment
  4. Factors Influencing the Quality of Life among Elderly with Physical and Mobility Disability in Nakhonsawan Province
  5. Associated Factors among Transgender Women Who Had Discontinue Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis
  6. Why Don’t You Go to School: Hearsay in the Southern Border Areas of Migrant Workers
  7. The Learning Management of Child Development Center According to The National Standard for Early Childhood Care, Development and Education Thailand
  8. Interpretation of Online Violence: A Case Study of Chulalongkorn University Students
  9. Preparation for Personal Digital Data Management after Death in Online Social Networks among Thai Digital Natives
  10. Online Music Therapy for Emotional Wellbeing During a Crisis
  11. The Maniq’s Quality of Life with Thai Identification Card and Welfare Rights
  12. Maniq’s Adaptation and Being under the Power Network and the Changes
  13. Ethnography of Infectious Diseases from Aedes in Muslim Fisherman Communities
  14. Knowledge Management in Smallholding Organic Farm for Sustainable Food Security
  15. Bodhicitta : The Process of Moral Instillation among Families in Urban Society
  16. Households Structure Affecting Social Practice of Women Whose Husbands Migrate to Work Abroad
  17. International Migration Pattern and Transformation of New Isan Society
  18. Working Pattern of Commuters in Khon Kaen
  19. Spatial Analysis for Resource Allocation among Small Schools in Thailand
  20. The Effect of Vulnerability on Formal and Informal Debt of Thai Agricultural Households
  21. Spatial Analysis of Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) in Thailand by Using the Geographic Information Systems and Socioeconomic
  22. Social Relations in The Second Generation of Myanmar Migrant Worker in Samutsakhon Province, Thailand