Research Project

Thai Family Matters Project

Project description

Thai Family Matters Project (or earlier called Youth Alcohol Use and Risky Sexual Behavior in Bangkok) is a multi-center adolescent family-based intervention, collaborative research project, implemented by PIRE (Pacific Institute for Research and Evaluation), Mahidol University, CSN & Associates, Chiang Mai University, and consultant from Thailand MOPH; with the support from National Institute of Health NIAAA during 2006 – 2010.

Project Rational

Evidence strongly suggests that Thai adolescents are significantly at risk for HIV/STDs, and that associations between alcohol use and risky sexual behaviors exist. There are few behavioral-driven intervention, especially family-based interventions, targeting both alcohol use and risky sexual behaviors among young Thais.
Accordingly, the goal of this international collaborative research project is to conduct the four year feasibility study for adaptation of Family Matters, a universal prevention program for substance abuse that involves parents and adolescents, to the Thai culture. This adapted program is called the Thai Family Matters program. Using a family-based approach in Thailand is appropriate for several reasons. The family is a very supportive unit in Thailand. The family unit is the primary provider of fundamental training for deferential behaviors and culturally acceptable norms that are relevant to sexual behavior and alcohol/drug use. Thai investigators contribute to all phases of this study, including proposal preparation, program adaptation, data analysis and publications, dissemination of study findings, and the preparation of a future application to assess the efficacy of TFM.

Project Period:     September 2009 - August 2010

Project Status:     Finish
Principal Investigator: Aphichat Chamratrithirong