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 August 3-5, 2021

The 5th Asian Population Association Conference

Dear all,

We are pleased to welcome you to the 5th Asian Population Association Conference. The conference will be held virtually on 3-5 August 2021, co-hosted by APA, BKKBN, and CPPS-UGM. The conference will bring together scholars, researchers, policymakers, and government officials to discuss Asian population issues.

The virtual conference will include live sessions, pre-recorded video sessions, and poster sessions. We will have an inclusive programme with close to 200 live presentations and talks and a large number of pre-recorded talks and posters. The video sessions and posters will be hosted online and will be available for at least six months after the conference.

Certificates will be issued for moderators, presenters, and attendees (non-presenters) of the conference.
The technical details on the live sessions, format of the video presentations, and posters will be posted on the APA website and communicated to all presenters.

The Important Dates

10 May – 20 July 2021 Registration for Conference
20 May 2021 Last day for authors to confirm participation in the conference, or to withdraw abstracts from the program
10 June 2021 Last day for all presenters to pay their membership and registration fees
15 June 2021 Last day to replace withdrawn abstracts
10 July 2021 Last day for authors to upload long abstract/full paper
Last day for authors presenting a poster or pre-recorded video to submit their presentation files; 10-minute recorded-video or PDF format for poster presentation
14 July 2021 Last day for presenters in live sessions to submit files of 7-minute pre-recorded video. This is for backup use if there are technical issues during the live session.
27 July 2021 Zoom links will be provided for participants successfully registered
3-5 August 2021 The 5th APA Conference (to be held virtually)

Conference Fees

Presenters must be members of APA


APA membership fee
(3 years)

Registration fee



Presenter All participants need to register via the conference registration page at
click here Indonesian participants and attendees: Please pay your membership fees and registration fees to UGM. For all non-Indonesian participants and attendees:  Please pay your membership fees and registration fees to APA conference registration system.
Regular Presenter




Student Presenter
(with valid and unexpired student card)




Regular Attendee




Student Attendee
(with valid and unexpired student card)




To support APA, attendees are not required but encouraged to subscribe to APA membership and pay membership fee upon their voluntary basis. Membership fees are US$30, US$60, and US$75 for one year, two years, and three years respectively.

Please visit the website of Asian Population Association for all the conference-related information, Best regards,

Asian Population Association (APA)