The Institute conducts postgraduate training for national and international programs. The Institute offers along with the following nationanl and international programs:

  • Ph.D. Program in Applied Demography and Social Research (International Program)
  • Ph.D. Program in Population and Social Research (Thai Program)
  • M.A. Program in Population and Sexual and Reproductive Health (International Program)
  • M.A. Program in Population and Social Research (Thai Program).


All degrees are geared towards academic excellence. Upon graduation, our high-caliber students are able to plan, analyze, and conduct research on socioeconomic, demographic, and reproductive health problems. Advanced degree students are encouraged to participate in project development with the many international agencies that regularly contact and collaborate with the Institute.

Student financial support is offered in the form of Masters and Ph.D. scholarships generously funded by a range of bodies, including the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), the Government of Thailand, UNFPA, the Wellcome Trust, and WHO, along with the Faculty of Graduate Studies, Mahidol University.


Non-degree programs are also offered, including a Monitoring and Evaluation of Population and Health course concentrating on HIV/AIDS, reproductive health, and qualitative research and analysis. Other short-courses and training are available upon request.