Migrant Children's Education in Thailand


Mahidol Channel presented the "Birth and Security in Population and Society."

Episode 1:

It has been ten years since IPSR has held the Annual Population Conference. This year’s Conference “Birth and Security in Population and Society” was scheduled for 1 July 2014, aimed to disseminate updates and findings on population-related policies and situations. Mahidol Channel presented parts of the Conference. In this first episode, Prof. Pramote Prasartkul talked on “How do births affect Thai Security?”, followed by three topics, namely “The situation of births during the past half-century” by Assoc. Prof. Patama Vapattanawong, “Why women are not married: Where have men gone missing?” by Lect. Sutthida Chuanwan and “Thai family formation in the context of the second demographic transition” by Assoc. Prof. Amara Soonthorndhada.  

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Episode 2:

Mahidol Channel presented the second episode of the Birth and Security in Population and Society, which was the policy. Four topics were presented in this episode: “Too few births? A review of policy responses” by Lect. Manasigan Kanchanachitra and Ms. Nucharaporn Liangruenrom; “Low fertility and policy responses in Thailand and Japan: Older persons and women in the workforce” by Ms. Suporn Jaratsit; “Do child care facilities allow people to have more children?” by Lecturer Jongjit Rittirong; and “Laws binding the Thai state and protecting human births as a factor for population and social security” by Assoc. Prof. Phunthip Kanchanachitra Saisoonthorn.

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Episode 3:

Mahidol Channel presented the third episode of the Birth and Security in Population and Society. This episode covered Parts 3 and 4. Part 3 concerned the families and pregnancy, including the topic “Risk factors influencing teenage pregnancy: A qualitative study” presented by Lect. Pojjana Hunchangsith, and “Unintended pregnancy: Violence against pregnant women and its impact on childbirth condition” presented by Ms. Pattraporn Chuenglertsiri. Part 4 talked about perspectives through the following topics: “Attitudes of young people about getting married and having children” by Asst. Prof. Pimonpan Isarabhakdi, “Lifestyle, life plans and the decision to have children among generation Y” by Asst. Prof. Bhubate Samutachak, and “Sexual attitude among new generations” by Asst. Prof. Umaporn Pattaravanich.

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Episode 4:

Mahidol Channel released the fourth episode of the Birth and Security in Population and Society. This final episode presented the issue “Having children in view of the new generation” discussed by three invited guests: Mr. Aswin Techajareonvikul, President and Chief Executive Officer of Berli Jucker Public Co., Ltd; Mrs. Punyawee Sukkulworasate, Newscaster and Host of Jaew” Program; and Mr. Narongpol Sathorn, Vice President of Mahidol University’s Student Association and Former Chairman of the Thailand National Debate Council. Asst. Prof. Bhubate Samutachak moderated the session that revealed attitudes of young generations toward marriage, settling down, and having children. New findings, issues, and recommendations from the discussion could be solutions to problems and benefit further studies.

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