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Thailand ratified the FCTC in June 2003. However, Thailand had already begun to enact some of the strictest tobacco control policies in the world by 1992. Thailand has banned tobacco advertising in all media and has prohibited cigarette "power wall" displays from stores. As of March 2010, smoking has been banned in all public places except Bangkok's Suvarnabhumi Airport where a designated smoking room is allowed. Pictorial health warnings have increased in size from 50% to 55% of both front and back of the pack, and have increased from 9 to 10 different images. The tobacco control movement in both governmental and non-governmental sectors is strong, and both public knowledge of tobacco issues and support for tobacco control efforts are high.

Survey Overview
Survey Mode: Face-to-Face Survey, Youth is Self-Administered by mail
Wave   Survey Dates   Survey Sample Questionnaire Report
1 January to March 2005 2,000 Smokers and 1,000 Youth Wave 1 Report 1
2 August to September 2006 2,066 Smokers and 1,096 Youth Wave 2 Report 2
3 January to March 2008 2,468 Smokers and 1,093 Youth Wave 3 Report 3
4 April to July 2009 2,276 Smokers and 947 Youth Wave 4 Report 4
5 February to April 2011 2,175 Smokers and 963 Youth Wave 5 Report 5
6 October to December 2012 2,164 Smokers and 966 Youth Wave 6 Report 6


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