Political prowess of high-schoolers


Political prowess of high-schoolers The three-finger salute now symbolizes the 2020 political movement. The deeper connotation implicates the youngest activists within the Thai political history, high-school students, after they showed the sign during their daily National Anthem Salute ceremony in front of the schools’ national flag pole in August. It was the first time in modern history that high school students extensively participated in a political movement. Although this may send good signals in that our children have formed political interests since they are young, many parents cannot help being concerned about their maturity, information scrutinization, safety, etc. Some parents admitted that they need advice on how to handle political discussions with their young children at home, particularly when there arise inter-generational conflicts on political opinions. This seminar features political science scholars and academic staff who have children of high-school age sharing experiences on political dialogues within households. We hope to share good practices to promote constructive and safe political discussions at home.

Moderator: Asst. Prof. Dr.Bhubate Samutachak
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October 14, 2020