Mapping Filipino labour migration in Thailand: pathways and integration experiences

Seminar no. 1275
31 July 2024 Time 12:30-13:30 hrs.

Speaker: Dr. Rizza Kay Cases

This research project aims to map the labour migration of Filipino workers in Thailand by examining their migration pathways, embeddedness in particular sectors of the Thai labour market, and integration within a particular migration regime and contexts of reception. The project is pursued within the backdrop of contributing to existing empirical scholarship on South-South migration. This project collected pre-liminary data in receiving (Thailand) and sending countries (Philippines) by interviewing broad set of key informants such as representatives and officers of embassies in Bangkok and Manila, employers, and representatives of relevant ministries in migration governance (e.g., Ministry of Labour and Bureau of Immigration). Interviews will also be conducted among Filipino migrants and members of Filipino communities in Thailand to complement and link macro-level data from state and non-state actors on migration flows and immigration policies and practices to micro-level experiences of migrants in terms of adjustment, integration, aspirations, and future imaginaries.

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