Lifestyle Migration

Seminar no. 1266
5 June 2024 Time 12.30 – 13.30 hrs.

Speaker: Professor Rokuro Tabuchi

Population decline represents a pressing reality in numerous developed nations, driven by decreasing fertility rates and aging demographics. The ramifications of population decline and aging are anticipated to pose multifaceted challenges to economies and societies. This presentation examines the recent trends in domestic migration within Japan, a nation at the forefront of population decline among developed countries, serving as a case study. Specifically, the focus is on elucidating how domestic migration patterns in Japan correlate with family formation among the younger demographic cohort. It also contextualizes recent domestic migration within the framework of lifestyle migration, a subset of counter-urbanization. Lifestyle migration typically denotes relocation by relatively affluent individuals; however, here, the term is employed more broadly to signify purposeful migration driven by the pursuit of an enhanced quality of life. Drawing insights from this analysis, policy recommendations will be presented.

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